Deepak Chopra Aims to Democratize Wellness with a New Global App

by Karen LeBlanc

Holistic doctor and wellness guru Deepak Chopra predicted this dark night of the soul would reach a critical mass if our institutions ignored one fundamental fact—the mind and the body are connected. After a year marked by unprecedented challenges and turmoil brought on by a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, racial discord, and polarizing politics, we are in a full-blown mental wellness crisis.

Amid this emotional chaos, Chopra has got our back with a new global platform to democratize access to mental wellness resources. NeverAlone.Love launched in January of 2021 as an app and online site that connects us in a worldwide network of support, professional care, and curated content to heal the heart, mind, and body. Read the full article in LaPalme Magazine.

Deepak Chopra Interview in LaPalme Magazine


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