Mendocino California, A Down to Earth Destination

by Karen LeBlanc

Rare is the destination that makes you sit in stillness, secure in its natural appeal— no need to overstimulate with over-the-top attractions and distractions. Mendocino County, California, is a down-to-earth destination with 90 miles of Pacific coastline, vineyards, ancient redwood forests, cannabis farms, and charming inns. This Northern California region resides between historic Highways 1 and 101, drawing visitors to unplug and reconnect. Here, Mother Nature challenges you to turn your gaze both outward and inward at once, connecting with earth while reconnecting with yourself.

I traveled to Mendocino to recalibrate and press the reset button on my life.  I’ve come to drink great Pinot Noirs from the source, meditate, hike the redwoods and coastline and experience the hospitality of locals closely tied to the land. 


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